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Is gun control who avoids to fewer gun violence?

No, in Peru the gun control is very strict and contradictorily continue the assaults with firearms.
Criminals are not going to sit an examination to obtain gun licenses.
In the slums use guns from an early age. And worse when they are released from criminal liability in the case of minors under 18 years.
It should be understood that criminals are challenging society and arms control (licenses) only benefits them, making use of any weapon (unlicensed) against decent citizens who are we limited the use of these, with abusive and costly procedures, putting us at a disadvantage against the malefactor.

El derecho a portar y poseer armas es universal, la ley solo debería ser un registro para los ciudadanos honestos y buenos. NADIE debería firmar cartas suplicando le den una licencia.
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