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The CIA allies of order

The CIA allies of order

Some of the media in Peru and abroad have criticized the actions of the Central Intelligence Agency (United States), as they have been involved in the violation of human rights in an indirect way, supporting dictatorial regimes such as the Gen. Augusto Pinochet (Chile), General Videla (Argentina) among others as well as in Peru Alberto Fujimori F. (1990-2000 - 2001) whose governments are accused of actions mentioned above.

Amid these accusations against the CIA and those governments, free and independent citizens see that the actions taken to prevent the triumph of the Cuban communist regime, we accept that could be committed excesses and in which only directly affected were a small group People, who were not affected by contrast is favored to defeat the common enemy: communism.

In this regard the support of the CIA was instrumental in the victory, which most Peruvians are grateful to receive any government support to eliminate any common threat will have to accept that it is a joint task.

On the other side are the activists who benefited from these governments to actively participate, but we recognize that there were many cases of corruption, embezzlement, etc. are now being investigated and in many cases have already rendered judgments. They defend the government which supported and participated in changes that do not vote for these schemes do not have it ourselves affected by the sanctions imposed against such persons sentenced, it is our duty as citizens to respect the judgments of justice.

It exposed the CIA today and forever is a natural ally of free and independent citizens, is an ally with a common goal: freedom.

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