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The lie of the end of the world

Massive deaths of fish and birds create suspense in the United States

First fell from the sky about 5,000 blackbirds in Arkansas, southern United States, New Year's Eve, then rained more dead birds in other regions, and finally discovered a huge amount of fish floating belly up, some 80,000 to 100,000 fish, which appeared floating above the Arkansas River about 160 miles from Beebe, where birds rained. Meanwhile in Maryland (northeast) reported the gruesome deaths of two million fish in the Chesapeake Bay.

This became a worldwide phenomenon: there were reports of mass deaths of birds and fish in Sweden, Britain, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and even more, pigeons, jellyfish, sea bream, jackdaws ... it seems that no species is immune.

But the truth cienfífica is that there is nothing new in these events ...

"It is not unusual," said Kristen Schuler, scientific Wildlife Center U.S. Geological Survey. "There is nothing apocalyptic or anything that is necessarily out of the ordinary, nothing we would not see any other week."

Regarding the dead birds in Arkansas, officials determined that noise probably New Year's fireworks was panicking the birds, in their frenzy crashed into buildings or trees and died.

And in Louisiana (also in the south), Schuler explained that apparently the cold killed nearly 500 birds.

In the case of fish, the authorities explained that these latest deaths were the result of an unusual cold wave combined with the overpopulation of fish.

"The fish seem to have died of natural causes," he said in a statement the Department of Environment Maryland, noting that the water temperature last month was the coldest in 25 years.

Regarding the deaths of birds and fish in other parts of the world, many of them are still being investigated.

According to Doug Inkley, of the Federation of American Wildlife, the most common cause of mass deaths of birds is the disease, although pollution and aircraft accidents can also untie. And often people do not complete.

"Almost always are areas that are not close to human populations, such as forests or jungles," said Inkley news channel CNN.

But in the Internet age, where almost nothing is secret, the news spread quickly. "Now these stories, when they go online, if you are attractive enough jump immediately to the national news," said Robert Thompson, pop culture professor at Syracuse University in New York.

"And let's face it: large numbers of birds falling from the sky and fish displayed belly up generate a good story."


Why would some want to scare us?

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